Broughton Heath

Our undercover operative, SD, exposed negligence, bullying and disturbing practices at the Broughton Heath Young Offenders Institute in his award-winning report on his time as an undercover officer.  SD details how he got through the institution’s supposedly rigorous recruitment process despite having personal links to inmates and displaying worrying behaviour during his hiring.  When he began working on G Wing at Broughton Heath, guarding the most vulnerable prisoners there, many of whom had mental health problems.  What he discovered will shock you. 

This is SD’s third assignment for City of Conspiracy and he has fearlessly exposed corruption in a UK pensions firm, a global mining contractor and now in this for-profit prison, sanctioned by the state without the approval of parliament.  SD is just one of our network of undercover operatives, whistleblowers and patriotic citizens.  Find out more about him and the rest of the team by clicking here.