It has been describes as “Dan Brown meets Harry Potter . . . with more black people” and is truly revolutionary: a book where the characters and suspects can text you clues so that you become the driving force.  The best conspiracy novel you will ever read, bridging London’s gritty urban streets and the rarefied history of conspiracy and the occult.

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City of Conspiracy is a completely interactive thriller.  What do I mean by that?  In this rip-roaring tale you can text the characters and they will text you back clues, send emails that reveal their inner machinations and some of the chapters are songs from the perspectives of the characters which help you solve TJ’s murder and eventually unlock the conspiracy.  City of Conspiracy is describes as “Dan Brown meets Harry Potter . . . with more black people” and is currently available from Amazon as a paperback or via kindle.  The author of the series, rapper Jonny Virgo, has taken conspiracy theory to his heart and based the events in the novel on these.  It is a great read and will be available in  paperback, as a standalone app, audiobook, kindle and all other ebook formats.

The books are interactive thrillers, allowing the audience to follow the story of the rapper-turned-truth seeker SD on his journey to avenge the death of his friend TJ.  As he digs deeper Sherlock uncovers links between the violence on his South London estate, secret societies, the occult and international espionage, the international elite, false flag terror and more.  Volume 1 takes place in a summer in the not too distant future, with London under threat from assailants without and within, and SD has to come to terms with his own family history and learn to believe in the incredible to save the city.  Described as “Dan Brown meets Harry Potter . . . with more black people”, the novels are due for release by Inbox Fiction, a publishing house pioneering interactive storytelling.

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