It has been describes as “Dan Brown meets Harry Potter . . . with more black people” and is truly revolutionary: a book where the characters and suspects can text you clues so that you become the driving force.

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City of Conspiracy is a completely interactive thriller.  What do I mean by that?  You can text the characters and they will text you back clues, some of the chapters are songs from the perspectives of the characters which help you solve TJ’s murder and eventually uncover the conspiracy.  City of Conspiracy is describes as “Dan Brown meets Harry Potter . . . with more black people” and is currently available from Amazon as a paperback or via kindle.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE BOOK.



City of Conspiracy takes place in modern day London- a city at the heart of world politics, conspiracy and intrigue.  Tours are starting up again in May 2014.  For more info email: info@cityofconspiracy.com.


Experience being a character in a City of Conspiracy novel, solve a mystery and help uncover the great conspiracy.  Events have included: Initiation- join a secret society linked to the enigmatic Ivana Heliopolis; Illuminated – solve the murder of Silas Mpanje on the set of Street Blood’s latest music video.


Music about conspiracy theories from the points of view of characters in the City of Conspiracy world.  The gangster chronicles of the Murda Mans and Certified Gs, the truth as told by Sherlock D, the way out ideas of Augustus Delgado, the music of City of Conspiracy excites and entices heads from across the globe.


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