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What is it?

“Dan Brown meets Harry Potter . . .  with a lot more black people.”

City of Conspiracy is an interactive thriller, drawing together hip hop, conspiracy theory and elements of the occult into a story that you affect and change as a star.  Join, citizen journalist and rapper Sherlock Delgado, as he solves the murder of his friend TJ.  His quest to find the killer leads him through the local gangs on his estate, to the heights of the establishment, on a journey that takes in members of the Bilderberg Group, the UK secret services, false-flag terrorism and a section of the elite, whose motives for cruelty will shock and surprise you. When Sherlock starts receiving coded text messages from his dead friend’s mobile, he begins an adventure that makes him confront everything he has learned during his unconventional upbringing.  City of Conspiracy – Sample

So what’s the deal?

Fiction that you control and affect is nothing new.  When Sherlock’s friend TJ is murdered. seems to be a simple street slaying but is there more to it? TJ has hidden the truth of the great conspiracy he has uncovered in thirteen rap songs and City of Conspiracy is unique as the story unfolds through the novel, a series of rap albums from the perspectives of the characters and through immersive live events too.  Don’t think of it as a novel but as a feast of entertainment.  Dip your toe into the world of secret societies, street gangs, magic rituals and booming beats but beware: you might get lost in this City of Conspiracy.  Don’t worry, you can just enjoy the prose of the novel too if you prefer.  Click here to read a sample. City of Conspiracy – Sample

You can play along and read the book in installments by clicking on the links above and, if you just can’t wait to finish, you can download the epic onto your Kindle or iPad by clicking the links below.  Don’t worry!   Those of you who insist on killing a tree can get a copy too and twenty percent of the cost of the book will be donated to a deforestation charity.  So have it your way: read it as serial, text the characters to find clues, or Tweet and email instead.  Listen to the songs, solve a murder, unlock a conspiracy, save the planet.  Join the revolution.  City of Conspiracy – Sample

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