City of Conspiracy is an interactive experience that stems from the series of novels by the same name by London author and musician Jonny Virgo. The books use cutting-edge technology and the canvas of the city that the world knows and loves, to create an adventure where the characters communicate with you, not just in the narrative itself but via SMS, email and through a series of ‘in-character’ rap albums. To find out more click here. Or read on to find about live events and walking tours linked to the project.

Walking tours

Since July 2013, Jonny Virgo has run irregular walking tours around the West End, taking in some of the sites that feature in the novel, connecting conspiracy theories involving the city’s history, secret societies and modern-day media.  These tours for free-thinkers and explorers looking to delve into a city we often take for granted and all feature an interactive SMS game that allows you to glean extra information as you discover London, the City of Conspiracy.

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If you have any questions then please do get in touch: or 07968629011. The tours have been featured by Amazon Local, Groupon & Time Out.  To date over 2,000 people have experienced the tours.  If there are none scheduled in the week you want to book you can email and arrange a (reasonably-priced) private tour for a group of any size from one to forty people or, alternatively, subscribe to the mailing list.  You may also use the form below to get in touch if you wish.

Rules for the tour:

  1. Always book in advance.
  2. If the weather looks extremely dodgy feel free to call or email  I generally post updates about that sort of thing on Twitter @cityconspiracy.
  3. Tours do involve walking and take between 60 and 90 minutes at a normal speed.

Interactive thrillers

The books have been described as interactive thrillers because they allow the audience to follow the story of the rapper-turned-truth seeker Sherlock Delgado on his journey to avenge the death of his friend TJ.  As he digs deeper Sherlock uncovers links between the violence on his South London estate, secret societies, the occult and international espionage.  Volume 1 takes place in a summer in the not too distant future, with London under threat from assailants without and within, and Sherlock has to come to terms with his own history and learn to believe in the incredible to save the city.  Described as “Dan Brown meets Harry Potter . . . with more black people”, the novels are due for release by Inbox Fiction, a publishing house pioneering interactive storytelling.


The novels feature a cast of characters that take in the most powerful and the dispossessed.  All are linked in the workings of a conspiracy that engulfs London and threatens to take over the world.  Sherlock’s journey leads him to take on the Mayor of London, a billionaire hedge funder by the name of Ivana Heliopolis, a cousin of the Queen’s and several of London’s street gangs, desperate to profit from the chaos the actions of the conspiracy bring.  Join Sherlock on his journey, solve a murder, uncover the truth, save the world.

Conspiracy info from around the web

Below are some posts from a variety of conspiracy theory portals around the web.  The views expressed are those of the post authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of City of Conspiracy.

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