City of Conspiracy is an independent website investigating truth, conspiracies and strange occurrences in London.  The site contains a wide range of opinions and viewpoints.  We pride ourselves on being welcoming to both ardent conspiracy theorists and sceptics, the only thing we ask is that you pause and ask yourself "what if". 

Be amazed as Sir Hylton Percival uncovers the secrets of Freemasonry in his explosive new book born from his years infiltrating masonic lodges across the globe.  As an aristocrat with the pedigree that needs no introduction, Sir Hylton has freely mixed with the elite for years and now has chosen to spill the beans exclusively for City of Conspiracy.  His work focuses on claims about the existence of higher degrees, blackmail and corruption.

Our operative SD has infiltrated at Broughton Heath Young Offenders Institute and has found corruption, violence and more at one of the UK's flagship private correctional facilities.

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